Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Ok, so I might seem fickle, but I changed my blog back to being open for all to see.  I've met some pretty awesome people through my blog, so why limit the awesomeness that is to come?

Let's just all play nice :)
I bought this print from etsy seller DazeyChic because it made me smile.  (I also bought the bird with a french fry print, she was having a buy one get one free sale!)  I seriously love etsy.  There are so many little gems on there that make me smile.

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope your day is fabulous.


  1. Such a cute print! Both of them!!

  2. Were people not playing nice on your blog? That's just rude!

    Love the print, I wish I had skills like that. Or a local Etsy shop that would sells things like that :)

  3. I was wondering why I couldn't read your blog anymore! :(