Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The right side of the bed

I am pretty sure I got up on the right side of the bed this morning.  Know why?  Because I feel like my week long mope-fest/pity party magically disappeared.  My attitude this morning was one that I feel like I can do anything.  Anything in life worth having will take some work, so why not love the fact that you can get yourself there!

So I'm going to list things to you that I have loved from my morning:

1. Getting ready at my new vanity.  Hello, I am in love.  It it the perfect place for me to sit in the morning and put on some makeup and jewelry.  I love it.  And it makes me smile.

2. Shimmery eye shadow.  I love me some shimmery eyes.  It just makes my eyes seem bright and happy.

3. New jeans.  I know I was just complaining about needing to save money, but I can start that next month :)  And what is better than new jeans that make your butt look fab?

4. Owl necklace #2.  I am wearing it today and I want to take a picture SO bad, but I am sure the old men at work will think I have lost my mind.

5. V8 Fusion.  This is my breakfast drink of choice (behind Orange Juice, but I don't bring that to work because it would quickly disappear and people seem to be afraid of Acai Berry Juice) when I don't want coffee or tea.  Some mornings I just don't want anything hot, and this juice it perfect!

6.  Orange Cranberry Walnut French Toast at Mama's.... I have been thinking of it for weeks and the thought that it will be in my belly in three days gives me a feeling of pure joy.

Is there anything you are loving or extra happy about today?


  1. This made me smile. I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than a new pair of awesome jeans. And V8 fusion is one of my favorite drinks! I just think it's wonderful.

  2. I lovvvvvvvvve this post. I can't wait to experience Mama's with you and see this gloriousness be fulfilled!!

  3. Um. If you wear those jeans this weekend I will totes grab your ass. No lie.

    Um. MAMA'S makes me happy. It will make me even more happy when I am sitting at a table there with all of your lovely faces!


  4. You better be wearing those jeans so I can see how fab your butt does look in them!

    MAMAS!!!! Woohooooooo!

    Love your face!