Monday, December 28, 2009

I can't believe Christmas is over...

First of all, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I know I sure did :)

Geez...I have been extra lame lately.  This has been the busiest Christmas of my life!  No lie.  Which left me with no time to catch up with the blog world.  My b...

John and I spent Christmas Eve at his parent's house.  His mom has a big party every Christmas Eve and it was a blast!  I wore some awesome purple tights, which I happen to have no pictures of.  I am searching for a picture, I know someone has to have one!

We had Christmas morning with John's family, then after presents and breakfast, we packed up and drove to my family.  Only an hour away so it wasn't too bad.  We then spent Christmas day playing wii and hanging with my parents and sisters and family.  This is my first ever 2 location Christmas, and let me tell ya, it's tough.  I grew up next to my dad's parents and my mom's mother, so they always came to us for Christmas. I never realized just how lucky I was until I had to split my Christmas.  Now I guess I understand the holidays being stressful.  But these things happen, we get old (thanks Jacki) and have to be ready to go with the flow.  And it was really nice being able to spend time with both mine and John's family on Christmas.

But I must say this Christmas was especially different for me due to two reasons:

1. My sweet little nephew

2. John's precious little niece (I claim her as my niece too)

While they are both still little babes, it was so much fun to have little ones around on Christmas morning!  I am the youngest in my family (only by two years) so I was always the little one on Christmas.  I never knew how fun it was to have kiddos around on Christmas morning and it's only going to get more fun from here.

They just add something else to be thankful for!

In other news, I will probably be slacking on my blog for the next week.  I am seriously trying to get my life organized which means less time on the laptop.  Which will motivate me to get it done faster because I will be missing everyone something fierce!  Here's to a Happy New Year and a rockin' 2010!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oreo balls!

Well hello everyone! I am changing things around on my blog.  Hopefully it will be finished sometime this weekend :)

So after my last post I had several requests for a how to for these little balls of awesomeness.  This is my first how to post, so I hope it is not totally lame.

You will need:
    1 package Oreos
    1  8 oz package Cream Cheese
    Chocolate or Almond Bark

Soften Cream Cheese in mixing bowl (I put it in the microwave for like 45 seconds)
Put Oreos in gallon sized ziplock bag and crush the cookies

Millie was overly interested in the Oreo balls

Yes, that is probably not the best utensil for Oreo crushing, but it's all I could find

Mix crushed Oreos with softened cream cheese.

Roll mixture into balls and place on wax paper

Why yes, that is an adult beverage in the background...

Stick a toothpick into each Oreo ball

Put Oreo balls into the freezer for 30 to 40 minutes
Melt almond bark or chocolate and dip the Oreo balls

When I'm done I put them in the refrigerator to let them set completely and Viola! You are done.  These things are awesome, and people go nuts over them.  They are so easy to make!  I hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas goodies

To get ready for the holidays and have some yummy treats to grace friends and family with, I spent today baking.  Of course I had to wear my fun and lovely apron.  If you look in the background you can see my cute little hootie owl towel that matched my hootie owl pillow that was destroyed...

First up was the cuppy cakes!  Mini ones to be exact.  I have found that people are more likely to eat the mini cupcakes than they are to eat the regular sized ones.  Leaving me with fewer left overs and less junk in my trunk due to cupcake overload.

I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing topped with heath bar pieces or Andes mint pieces.  They are going to be tasty!

Next I made some oreo balls.  These are like manna from Heaven, no lie... and ridiculously easy to make!  A little on the messy side, but sooo worth it!

They are absolutely hideous, but oh so yummy.  Sadly enough, the ones I'm posting are the pretty ones.... whoops.  Maybe next time they will be prettier.

Then it was time for the holiday mice.  Yes, I know they look creepy with their red eyes.  But I still love them.  I think they are absolutely adorable and always a huge crowd pleaser.  And who doesn't love chocolate covered cherries, srsly.

I didn't have time for cookies, so hopefully I can make those for the Christmas Eve party.  I had a blast today, making some goodies and jamming out to Christmas tunes.  Now I'm off to a party, and I'm taking some yummies with me.  Let's hope they are a big hit!

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smiles all around

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."
-Marilyn Monroe

This made me smile, I hope it does the same for you!

This picture also makes me smile...

While we were in Vegas John's parents kept our sweet little Millie.  This was taken the day after we went to pick her up.  I love how excited she was to see us.  She is the one sleeping by his face, and Buster (his parent's dog) is laying next to him.  Millie loves to snuggle, she is the best!

Is there anything that made you smile today?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vegas Recap

As you know, I went to Vegas on vacation.  So I decided to give a few highlights my trip....

It was freaking cold. We went to Vegas last year when it snowed, and it was colder this time than it was last year. We Florida-folk don't handle weather like that well.

I didn't do my hair at all the entire time we were there and it didn't bother me one bit. You see, my hair is fairly long and super thick, making it somewhat of a chore to do anything with it. I did, however, wear headbands like everyday. I felt like a cute headband made up for the lack of fixing my hair.

During our first full day we watched the SEC Championship Game.  I am an Alabama fan.  John is a Florida fan.  This picture was taken before 'The Big Fight of '09' in which John and I argued in public over football... I can't say that I'm proud to admit that.  FYI- meters and football games could be fun, just not when your team beats the boyfriend's team , just saying...

My favorite part of the trip was going to see The Lion King.  AMAZING.  I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a little because it was stunning and absolutely beautiful.  If you ever get the chance you must go see it!  It is so worth it!

After The Lion King we ate at Roy's. The food is Hawaiian Fusion and it was yummy. I had a Lakanilau Roll, which is sushi with seared kobe beef wrapped around snow crab, tempura asparagus and avocado. It was to die for! And I also had some tuna on top of wasabi mashed potatoes.  It was absolutely delicious.

Our trip was great. We saw three shows, ate some yummy food, and hung out with some good friends.  I hate being that person that makes everyone stop every five seconds for a photo-op, so I didn't take many pictures.  I'm a little bummed, but it's all good. 

Ps- This last picture is for Alexandria because she loves flamingos, and there were flamingos at our hotel....

The recap is little on the random side, but it's all good because I happen to be pretty random.  I hoped you all enjoyed it!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's finally here!

My vacation that is!  I am in serious need of a few days away.  We're leaving for Vegas tomorrow and will be coming back home on Wednesday.  A quick little trip, but much needed time away.

Mostly because we're going to see The Lion King.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  I hope the people around don't mind when I start singing along, because I'm not sure I will be able to contain myself.

I bought City of Bones to read on the plane. It's four hours from Atlanta to Vegas, so I will have plenty of time going there and coming back to get into a good book. 

Hopefully you won't hear from me until after Wednesday, other than an occasional Tweet to say hello.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!