Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A story about a girl that loves olives...

Once there was this girl... a girl that loved olives.  She loved them bad.  And any time she ordered a drink or adult beverage that came with olives she would always be annoying and ask for extra.  Then one day, this girl happened upon a fabulous brunch destination that had bottomless bloody marys.  How exciting, you might be thinking, because now this girl will have countless opportunities to order extra olives and be happy as a clam.

Ok, enough story telling.  We went to brunch at Lime in San Francisco and it was awesome.  I walked in and was like, "Is this place real?"  Yes my friends, it was.  People were dancing at their tables, singing and having a blast.  I felt compelled to waive my hands in the air, no lie.
Even though the restaurant was serving brunch, I had to order a veggie burger.  And let me tell you, that was one tasty burger!  Chipotle fries came with it, but I couldn't eat them because I felt like I was breathing fire.

Of course I had to partake in the bottomless bloody marys, I couldn't help myself.

And of course I thought giving my olives a little smooch was a good idea because I love them so much.

And I was loving these yummy drinks.

Clearly, we were talking about birds in this picture....
Because I ordered extra olives, my little stick would have three olives on it, and I decided to take one of these awesome olive sticks to go.  Yes, I was walking around Castro with a stick of olives.  I was accused of attacking someone with my stick o'olives in order to find out if they liked a necklace I wanted to buy.  At this very same store, Ashton and I found the most divine piece of jewelry to ever be on this earth, but I shall save that for another post.

Whilst walking down the streets of San Francisco, because at this point a bus was definitely a no go, I started taking pictures.  I stopped and informed my friends, "I have just taken the most glorious picture ever!"  I preceeded to show them this picture....
We continue walking and my load is suddenly lessened.  I look to the ground and see my very LAST olive rolling down the hill.  It was painful.  
Someone suggested I employ the 5 second rule and I ventured to tell them about how sick it was to eat anything off the ground in San Francisco.  I wore flip flops the day before and it was gross, I would NEVER eat anything that had touched whatever was on my feet.

So finally, after the depression from losing my olive was lifted, we decided that it was a good thing I didn't partake in that final treat.  It would have done me in for sure.

Shortly after my olive was lost, we got a picture with Jacki Chace, wha???

More exciting tales from San Francisco to come, I promise!  I also understand that this is probably substantially funnier to those that were there, don't judge.


  1. BAHAHAH! I'm not even going to lie,I was crying while explaining this story to Vito. Oh Lime, that place was full of my people. No lie. I miss bottomless drinks, spark plugs, dancing guys on chairs, loud music and dancing in our seats. Oh and how could I forget, bird talk!! LOVE it!

  2. RIP Last Lone Olive. You were loved & will not be forgotten.


  3. Dude. I almost died when you wrote, "clearly we were talking about birds in this picture."

    Watching that sad little olive roll down the street was tragic. Srsly depressing business.

  4. I'm still not exactly sure how the olive got away in the first place as it was so thoroughly speared. Lime... it shall always be remembered as an epic place of epicness.

  5. Hm, is it strange then that I find this funny and I wasn't there?

    I love hearing about the trip from all of you.

    But Lauren, I am saddened, because I've discovered that your blog updates don't pop up on my reader/blog-list. It says I'm following you, so why is this? I don't know, but I will make extra sure to check here often to see what I'm missing. <3 you!

  6. I said a silent prayer here at my computer for the lost olive. I hoped that he didn't feel saddened that you didn't pick him up and wash him off and eat him like his destiny had planned. That poor poor olive.

    Um... he was speared nicely, what happened? Too many bloody mary's?

    I will meet you ladies some day in real life and be part of bird conversations and eat olives. I LOVE OLIVES!