Friday, April 2, 2010


Lately I have been having very vivid dreams.  Which is not the norm for me.  I mean, there is this one recurring dream where all of my teeth fall out and I wake up and immediately verify that all of my teeth are in fact there, but that's an entirely different story.

So yeah, the past three night I've had crazy dreams and I remember ALL of them.  Normally I struggle to remember a dream moments after I wake up.  So here is here is the quick and dirty on each of these dreams, I have more detail if you need them, I'm pretty sure you won't:

Dream #1- I am running WAY late for my wedding.  The girl that was supposed to do my hair and make up decides she can't do it, and the person that has my veil (which was my 'something borrowed') decides she doesn't want me to wear it anymore.  I, of course, am a hot mess and it is already 8 at night, our wedding was supposed to start at 5.  My mom very calmly tells me, "It's ok, we'll just move the wedding to next Saturday."  I am like "fuhthewha? We can't do that!"  The dream ends with me in shambles and a hot mess in a wedding dress that was hideous.

Dream #2- I finally get to see my sweet little pup after she has been gone for a while, (in case you haven't noticed I am one of those crazy dog owners, don't judge) and all is well in life.  We are outside running around and playing, because we totes love to do those sorts of things, and serioulsy out of nowhere, she disappears.  I immediately start to freak out, like beside myself frantic and my dad and uncle show up.  They try to calm me down, and then start help me look for her.  Next thing I know THEY disappear too.  My dream ended with me sitting in the middle of the woods by myself, kinda like Bella in New Moon when Edward leaves her.

Dream #3- I'm flying back to SF to see my besties and my reservations have been cancelled. (I am normally a super planner when it comes to travel so this is a HUGE fear for me.  One that I almost freaked out about in SF and I was afraid everyone would hate me for)  We finally get my flight information straightened out and I realize someone has stolen my laptop bag and my purse.  Yet again, I was in shambles, in a dumpy airport.

So I am wondering, are these dreams telling my my life is about to fall apart?  Or that some major panic attack is in my future?  It's realllly weird though.

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


  1. I'm pretty sure your life is not going to fall apart. Maybe its just stress and worry brought on by something.. perhaps your wedding or something?

    I frequently have bad dreams about my dog too. Of him like running out in the road or just getting hurt or killed. They're pretty upsetting.

  2. I agree that stress can cause some crazy dreams. I used to look up the meaning of my crazy dreams....but then that would end up stressing me out even more so I gave that up. :D

    Hopefully it gets better! P.S. if your hair and make-up person cancels...I'd be on the next flight out. So stop stressing about that! :D

  3. I would guess those dreams are more about your fear of things falling apart. You've got a lot of planning and changes going on right now and I bet you have some fears that you won't be able to get it all put together and functioning. I'm pretty sure that's normal. :) Just try to clear your mind of all the things you need to get done before bed and hopefully those dreams will go away. :)

  4. Dreams fascinate me, but for some reason, I never really look up their meaning.
    But these dreams are no walk in the park, girl. I hope they'll get better and you soon dream about the perfect wedding you'll have and other fun things :)

  5. Those are trippy dreams! But I'm sure they're just a reflection of your fears.. not an indicator that things are going to fall apart.
    I mean, I've had several dreams where I die.. but I'm still here!

  6. Why am I not getting blog updates from you?

    Why am I so #fail lately?

    These dreams make me want to have a panic attack, so good luck with this.

    love you.

    xo, ash