Monday, March 15, 2010

Budgets are lame...

I have to put myself on a budget.  I've always been the type to just keep up with the numbers in my head, pay all of my bills first, put a little in savings if there is some left and regularly check my online banking and it's worked out just fine.  Until now.  I've recently been made aware of an unexpected expense that will set me back a good bit of money every month until the end of the year.  And no, I'm not talking about my wedding.   I'm talking about school.  Ahhh... to make a long story short, grad school is freaking expensive.  I keep telling myself, "Lauren, if you finish your masters at the ripe old age of 25, it will be worth it.  It will pay for itself in the end."  Right?  I mean, I keep telling myself that, let's just hope that it's true.

Sometimes being an adult is lame.  For the most part, I have enjoyed my adult-hood, until stupid stuff like this happens.  Bah...


  1. I am currently on a budget and it sucks. I also think I'm over this month so I really need to balance my checkbook. I hate balancing money and I love shopping...not the best combination. :)

    You will be way ahead of me on the school thing, I need to take my GMAT and do my applications...GAH!

    being an adult is lame.

  2. Yeah budgets suck...we've tried to be on one for a year and I've fought it, but I finally gave in this month...I just keep telling myself it'll be worth it...

  3. Bah. Since I am a broke ass college student I live my life on a budget. It suuuucks.

    Being an adult is WICKED lame. I agree with Ash.

  4. Ugh, stupid budgets and stupid cost for grad school. I need to find me a place that'll pay for it. seriously.