Friday, March 12, 2010

A little rant session...

Ever have those days where you are so frustrated you could cry?  Because I'm definitely having one of those days right now. And no, sister, I am not talking about you.  Just making sure we are clear on that.

I just don't understand why people aren't up front about things.  If you have no intention of doing something or can't guarantee that you can follow through with something, please don't tell me you can.  And really, I am an understanding person, so most of the time when something comes up, ok.  No worries.  But if it is something that there was never any intention of fufilling in the first place, do us both a favor and be honest from the get go, k?

Bah.... The worst part?  You can totally tell when I'm stressed out just by looking at me because my face breaks out.  Just another thing to add to the frustration.

Good thing I'm getting away next weekend.  Because I NEED it big time.  I will drown my stress with food, cupcakes, wine, maybe a little shopping and some culture.

Rant over... Thanks for listening.  I am also a good listener... Go ahead, rant away.  I promise I don't mind :)


  1. You are totally right. I hate when people do stupid shit like that. It really makes me angry. & I'm sorry it has made you angry. 8(

    My rant: that my car needs tires. UGH!!! & school, because it sucks.

    Oh, food, cupcakes, wine, shopping, cultures, pictures, fun, laughter. These are all things that I keep remembering to get me through this next week!!! Love you REAL big!!

  2. Hey. This happens to me all. the. time. And I break out because of it too.
    I hate it when people get my hopes up by telling me they're going to do something.. then completely take it back. :-( I feel your pain, sista. Love you and I hope you feel better! Get a cupcake!

  3. I love you and your face & I can't wait for next weekend :) There will be no worries while we are on vacay. & you know I'm only a phone call away if you need anything at all -- even just a rant.

    x, ash

  4. I DO NOT like that at all. It is LAME! and FLAKY. Can't handle Lame & Flaky...blah. You are a delight, however and I wanted to say HELLO! So...Hello Doll!

  5. Ugh. People are freaking annoying. Srsly. Tell me...who do I need to shank. You know I am gangsta' and I will do it.

    Um. Hi. Next weekend will make ALL of this crap go away. WOO!

  6. I love my blog friends something fierce :)

  7. Stupid people that make you upset! :|

    But ranting is the best. I wish I could do it on my blog, but I'm afraid the person(s) I want rant about will read it & it will be hell...

  8. -hugs-

    hope it gets better! next weekend sounds like just what you need =]

  9. I'm sorry you were having a not-so-good- day. :/ That's no fun.
    Hope this cheers you: Love your blog!