Wednesday, March 10, 2010

29 days and counting...

I took John to the airport this morning.  He will be working in Egypt for a month.  I won't see him again until April 8th.  He's my world traveller :) 

This is John the last time he went to Egypt. He is the one in front riding a camel in shorts and deck shoes, silly boy.  And yes that is a pyramid behind him, how awesome is that?

These little breaks are a good thing for us though.  Yes, a month is a long time, but we spend just about all of our time together when he is here. Which I wouldn't change for the world.  John is the only person I can spend this much time with.  In case you didn't know, we work together.  That is actually how we met.  He no longer works for same company I work for (which is a contractor), he got a job working on the same program for the government.  So, we still see each other at home and at work every day.  Don't get me wrong, we still have our own friends and don't necessarily do all of our social things together, but a majority of our time is spent together.

I take the times that he is gone to do things that I know he doesn't like to do... For instance, I'm going to see Eric Church Friday night with one of my sorority sisters from college.  He is not a country music fan, so instead of making him sit through it, I wait until he's gone.  Or going to drink lots and lots of wine and have yummy brunch and eat cupcakes with amazing girls....not his cup of tea so it will be done while he is gone :D

The bad part is the time difference.  It's hard coordinating times to talk because they are like 8 hours ahead of us.  Lame.  So sorry if I whine that John is gone, it will only be for a month and then I will stop :)


  1. I am so jealous of John. But so glad you get to do girl -not-john stuff while he is gone!

    x, ash

  2. Remember that time I was sad John was leaving but secretly I was glad because it allowed you to be able to drink tea and eat cupcakes with me? Yeah....

    He will be back before you know it! Feel free to whine to me all you want! love you!