Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Festivities

I went to Charleston, SC last weekend to celebrate this pretty lady's bachelorette party.

This was my first visit to Charleston and let me tell you, it was amazing! Such a beautiful, historic Southern town with phenomenal food.  Seriously, anywhere with good food steals my heart.

The first night we ate at Slightly North of Broad (referred to as Snob which made it that much more amazing).

I got the crab cakes.  They look sick, but let me tell you these were the best dang crab cakes I have ever had! And to be totally honest, I have eaten way more than my fair share of crab cakes.

The wine was also amazing.  Hello lovely riesling and yummy cab.  My friend Blythe and I were loving the wine.

And the wine and amazing food led me to a photo shoot in which I took my favorite self portrait of the weekend.

So this is just a little taste of my trip. Of course I have many more stories that I will hopefully get around to sharing!  Did you do anything fun for Labor Day?


  1. I love this pic of you, so gorgeous!!


  2. I can see why it's your favorite- you look gorgeous! I'm glad you got to enjoy your weekend (I know I did!)

  3. This looks like a fun weekend, and you look gorgeous!

  4. You look gorgeous in that picture!

    & it sounds and looks like you had a great weekend! Yay :)

  5. You are beautiful.
    You just won my blog giveaway btw.
    I will email you soon!

  6. to be honest, i've never had crabcakes before... but have heard all the rage about them!

  7. All these pics look like you had so much fun!

    & you, my dear, are absolutely stunning!

    Love you<3

  8. Heyyyyy hot stuff! You look all kinds of fabulous!!

  9. That is a fabulous self take!! We had an amazingly chill Labor Day weekend!