Saturday, September 18, 2010

my universe is larcentric...

Oh hey Lauren's blog...and Lauren's blog followers. I am Lauren's Bff Alex (why yes I did just coin myself her bff whatevs, this is MY post), I blog over at Always Alexandria Why yes, I do have proof of said bff-ness...check it...

 Why yes, that IS me and the one and only Lovely Lauren Leigh. Lauren is all kinds of amazing. She basically is the person that the earth, moon, and stars rotate around (the world is her oyster, and homegirl is so not going to share). I have a bff threesome with some of my blogger-turned-real-life-besties. This three-way consists of me, Lauren, and Ashton. We have even officially given our friendship a title #thethreebestfriends, Hangover represent!

What is my point? My point is that I basically l-o-v-e Lar. She is hilarious, supportive, honest, kind of a biatch, my Judgement Twin, and all around fabulous. For these reasons and these reasons alone, my universe turned LarCentric. Basically if you want to be friends with her, you have to acknowledge that the world revolves around her and that your entire life must turn LarCentric (seriously. just ask Ashton).

So now that you all understand what the term 'LarCentric' is all about, let me hip you to the reasons why everything is about Lauren. I like to call this 'Session 1 of LarCentricology'. Get out your pen and paper, and prepare to take some notes!

{1.} Lauren appreciates and understands the importance of food. She is a bomb ass orderer. Seriously. On our epic trip everything she ordered looked DELISH. Case and point...

{2.} Lauren loves all things olive, mustache, and most importantly penis. Yes. You read that right. I said PENIS...

 {3.} Lauren has killer fashion sense. I mean really...could she have picked a more beautiful wedding dress? Or honeymoon send off top? I think not...

{4.} Lauren has a really sweet southern gal voice, and is totally adorable. She just looks SO friendly and nice. Which don't get me wrong she totally is, hence why I love her, but if you cross her...she will not hesitate to cut a bitch. Just keep that in mind...

{5.} Lauren is N-E-V-E-R afraid to act a fool. Which in my humble opinion is one of the best traits a bff can have...

So, now that you have all the basics of LarCentricology I feel as though my duty is done. You should all reevaluate your lives now and realize that Lauren should be everyone's numero uno priority. If not...well then you need to get right with God and work on it. Also, if you didn't get the heavy does of sarcasm that was involved in this post...well I just do not know what to tell you. Basically I adore Lauren, she is totally one of my besties and I love how our blogs brought us together. Lar, you best be having a blast on your European extravaganza...drink some alcoholic beverages for me while you are there!

I hope you all enjoyed your lesson!



  1. I love you! I miss you. Come back soon, okay?! My LarCentric world neeeeds you!


  2. Too cute Alex!! Lovely blog Lauren!! && I do mean that literally =]

  3. sweet! I love this but is makes me a little bit jealous. I need to meet you guys. For reals.

  4. Zander! OMG, I'm like almost in tears, we had no idea how are worlds would change when they became LarCentric! I'm so glad we orbit around Lar together. I miss you and her. I can't wait for the #thethreebestfriends to reunite!


  5. I just got J E A L O U S again. You ALL need to come to Chicago so I will be with in driving distance of you. I want to be part of the group in real life as well as on here.

    Ahhhh, something to look forward to.

    Love you ALL