Tuesday, September 28, 2010

With tightly clasped hands

Hi everyone, I'm Ashton from over at Ashton Dene's Antics (where I either blog a lot or a little...!) and I'm so excited to be guest posting here for Lauren while her and John have an amazing vacation.

I know that most of you are gracefully welcoming the fall weather and all that comes with it (olive everything, jackets, riding boots, leaves falling, campfires), I however, am holding on tightly to what little bit of summer is left.

These bright images help me stay in my summer state of mind
Who doesn't love a bright blue sky and then add on the magic of the balloons being released, it is so pretty! [but really bad for the environment, so just look at the picture, don't try it at home kids!]

I love playing cards [my favorite game is spades] and carry a deck of cards in my purse [you never know when they might come in handy] however, I would love a deck this bright pink, and how adorable that it spells out love!

I have always loved skulls finding them less creepy and more cute than I probably should. These bright colors make them seem less fall/halloween and more fun! I would love to have one of these as a luggage tag or on an iPod case or something.
& another bright festive picture of an arm full of beads -- some inspiring words, hello kitty & a whole lot of pink, all right up my alley! With silly bands all the rage for toddlers and grown ups alike, I would rather revert back to the old homemade bead bracelet that take up most of your arm. I would rock these with someskinny jeans, black flats & a simple t-shirt.

Are you a fall or summer person? What do you do to get in the mood for your favorite season?

xx, ash

p.s. all images via weheartit


  1. ASHTON! I am sooo a FALL person haha (: I just brought the boots out and long sleeve shirts and sweaters out... since it's starting to get a lil chilly here (: I am stocked for autumn...

  2. Girl I am ALL about fall. I hate summer with a passion. Srsly. Sweat? No thanks.

    But then again we have a mild fall being that this is Cali.

  3. I love love love summer. However, life in Boston has changed me a bit. Every September I find myself getting more and more excited for fall!

    PS. I hate winter with a burning passion.