Sunday, August 29, 2010


Since I've been trying to lose weight, I'm not buying clothes until I get to where I want to be (well, I did buy my first pair of skinny jeans today and a few things for my upcoming trip, but I will let those slide).  However, shoes, purses and accessories are NOT included in that and I have been a little shoe crazy lately.  I just wanted to share some of the lovelies that recently found a home in my closet. Please, don't mind the dirty floors and my poor toes that are screaming at me for a pedicure....

I love these Roxy slip-ons.  So comfy and so stinking cute!   They are fuzzy on the inside which will make them perfect for fall.
I don't know about you, but I used to think Crocs were fugly.  That is until they started making these little cuties!  I was surprised at the cute Crocs that are available.  They add a little bounce to my step and I think they are precious.
I love silver shoes.  Love them!  And I don't have any strappy-ish silver heels, so when I saw these in pewter I had to have them.

I have been wanting some riding boots, but continued to tell myself I couldn't pull them off.  But I'm over that now, if other girls can wear knee high boots by golly so can I!

I saved my favorites for last.  I try to keep my wedding talk to a minimum on this blog, I just know how annoying "that girl" that goes on and on about her wedding and I don't want to be her.  That's why I started a wedding blog, but have been worse at posting over there than I have here, so I thought this time would be ok.  I picked these up at Nine West and will be wearing them down the aisle when I get married in December.  I absolutely love them!  And they look fab with my dress.

So there are my latest goodies.  I hope you love them as much as I do!


  1. AHH! I LOVE your wedding shoes! (And I can't wait to see how beautiful you are with the whole ensemble!)

  2. I love all these shoes! I want riding boots sooooo bad. I think I have to purchase some soon. Can't wait for the wedding! xx

  3. I love all your shoes!! Who knew that Crocs made cute shoes?? I really like those and I'm sure they are comfy.

    I have decided this is the year that I am buying boots..(and not returning)I will wear them outside, in public, and will not care what people think of me! I agree..all the other girls are doing it, why not me!!

  4. The boots! I love the boots!

    You will make such a beautiful bride and the shoes will only add to that :)

  5. omg your boots are SOOOOOOOO cutie.!!

    Where diid you buy those riding boots at?

  6. Those wedding shoes are AMAZING! Seriously, gorgeous! I'm in love! You will rock them!

  7. Thanks ladies!!

    Here is the link to the boots. I got them at a random stop lol

  8. I wore red shoes with my dress..its like were meant to be besties!

  9. I am IN LOVE with your gorgeous red shoes! And by the way, I never get tired of hearing about wedding stuff! Weddings are so exciting! :)