Friday, January 1, 2010

Why hello 2010!

So here it is, a new year. I think I've just decided my resolution is to be awesome this year, is that lame?  I couldn't think of anything else.  I mean, there are about a million things I want to do with my life, but I'm not sure they are meant to happen this year.  So if I end up doing some of those things it will just be an added bonus, right?

So every New Year's Eve from now on, I will have a new party to attend.  A birthday party that is.  Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday!  They year before that I was in the hospital with my family awaiting his arrival.  What a great way to start a new year, celebrating the life of a sweet little guy.

Yes, this picture is awkward, but I love his expression.  He loves his Aunt Lauren :)

Who needs birthday cake when there are animal crackers? Srsly.

John and I went to a party last night at a friend's house.  There was a shrimp boil and live music and we had a really great time.  It's awesome to bring in a new year with great friends.  As per the usual as of late, I only have one picture.  And I look awkward, but I LOVED my outfit.

Here's to an awesome 2010 for everyone!  Who knows, it could be the most epic year we have seen!


  1. You do not look awkward, you look adorable!! Your nephew is precious.

    It sounds like you had a fun New Year's Eve--yay! I hope 2010 is just as good to you and continues in the same vein...good friends, good food, good fun. :)


  2. That picture of you and the nephew is SO cute! He is a doll!

    Your resolution is all kinds of amazing!

    Your tights slay me! Love them. Also, your hair makes me want to cast #dirrrtymagic. Just sayin'
    love you!!

  3. I approve of being awesome. I shall endeavor to be so as well.

  4. Your hair looks so good! And I LOVE the tights! I wish I could pull them off. Happy 2010!

  5. Love your outfit! And you will most definitely rock at being awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I think being awesome is the AWESOMEST resolution ever. :D YAY FOR 2010!!

  7. You are already awesome so consider it accomplished! 8)

    Your nephew is so cute! Love it and love your tights!

  8. Your nephew is so completely adorable! That picture is not awkward at all. I could teach you a few things about awkward pictures!

    I'm digging the tights.. I need to get me some. I just need to ease the manfriend into it. Maybe start with a more neutral color before I go big!

  9. I love that dress! So cute! Happy New Year!