Sunday, January 31, 2010

Button Time!

My weekend was awesome.  Why?  Because I didn't do anything.  I needed a weekend of nothing.  I read an entire book on Saturday and loved every second of it.  I posted a little about it over here, so go check it out!  I also had some yummy orange herbal tea with milk and honey.  I am in love with hot tea, and really want to have a tea party.

I have some big news, well big to me :)  Amazing Amy over at My La La Land made me a button!  Go ahead, get yourself one, because you know you want to.  Thanks Amy, you rock!

Do you have a button??? I am looking to change to a three column layout and add to my button collection.  Leave me a comment to let me know and I will proudly display my favorite blogger pals' buttons!

Hope you all have a rocking weekend!


  1. I love it!! And yes, I do have a button made by the beautiful Christina aka Bastina Balish! :D
    (I would post the HTML here, but Blogger doesn't allow me to!)

  2. I so don't have a button, but I love yours!! I need to add buttons to my blog. I'm so behind the times!

    Can we please have a tea party? I will love it.

    x, ash

  3. Yay for relaxing weekends! I am glad you took some time to de-stress your poor old skin! Baha!

    Your button shall now reside on my blog! Yay!

  4. I have one! I have one!! And so does Edward!

  5. I love hot tea. And a tea party sounds like fun right now. btw your lil button is rocking. (:

  6. Mmmm tea party sounds fabulous!

    I do have a button & I will so be adding yours!

  7. I'm glad you like it!! :)
    I need to get one on my blog now!