Monday, December 28, 2009

I can't believe Christmas is over...

First of all, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I know I sure did :)

Geez...I have been extra lame lately.  This has been the busiest Christmas of my life!  No lie.  Which left me with no time to catch up with the blog world.  My b...

John and I spent Christmas Eve at his parent's house.  His mom has a big party every Christmas Eve and it was a blast!  I wore some awesome purple tights, which I happen to have no pictures of.  I am searching for a picture, I know someone has to have one!

We had Christmas morning with John's family, then after presents and breakfast, we packed up and drove to my family.  Only an hour away so it wasn't too bad.  We then spent Christmas day playing wii and hanging with my parents and sisters and family.  This is my first ever 2 location Christmas, and let me tell ya, it's tough.  I grew up next to my dad's parents and my mom's mother, so they always came to us for Christmas. I never realized just how lucky I was until I had to split my Christmas.  Now I guess I understand the holidays being stressful.  But these things happen, we get old (thanks Jacki) and have to be ready to go with the flow.  And it was really nice being able to spend time with both mine and John's family on Christmas.

But I must say this Christmas was especially different for me due to two reasons:

1. My sweet little nephew

2. John's precious little niece (I claim her as my niece too)

While they are both still little babes, it was so much fun to have little ones around on Christmas morning!  I am the youngest in my family (only by two years) so I was always the little one on Christmas.  I never knew how fun it was to have kiddos around on Christmas morning and it's only going to get more fun from here.

They just add something else to be thankful for!

In other news, I will probably be slacking on my blog for the next week.  I am seriously trying to get my life organized which means less time on the laptop.  Which will motivate me to get it done faster because I will be missing everyone something fierce!  Here's to a Happy New Year and a rockin' 2010!


  1. what cute pictures of christmas! and I love, love, love the new blog look.

    x, ash

  2. Cute picture of you and John. The babies are adorable. Kids on Christmas are lots of fun. I love watching my kids open up their presents and play with all their new toys. Good times.

  3. Adorable pics. Love the one with wine glass in hand, fabulous. Kids make Christmas so much better. My favorite part of Christmas is my niece now. It is so much fun with her around. 8)

  4. Jacki will never live down calling us old. I hate having to split is no fun!

    You look fab in your cute party dress!

    I love organizing go to The Container Store your life will never be the same...

  5. splitting Christmas is difficult... we have 3 over 2 days....go go go!
    I want to organize this week too. I still need to mail Christmas Cards. This is exactly why I don't do them... I get excited for them, I work on them, 1/2 of them are completed and then poof time gets away and it is after Christmas and my project is still on the table...I have to mail a few... I just have to.
    Enjoy organizing. I agree with Alexandria...the Container Store is life changing. Glad I don't have one locally or the "change" in my life would be to my budget! tee hee

  6. Aw! It sounds like such a great Christmas.. babies seem to make things so much better. It makes me wish I could see my niece more often!

    By the way you look great in your pictures!

  7. Splitting Christmas is indeed tough. My parents live 3 hours away from my boyfriend's. Last year we drove the 3 hours to my parent's then got up at 5:30 on Christmas morning to be there for presents at his mom's in the morning. We definitely needed a nap later!