Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi... my name is Lauren.  Many of you may have forgotten all about me because I have been super lame lately and neglected the internet.  And as sad as it may be, I will be neglecting for a bit longer.  Work and school are out of control and I'm a smidge behind in one of my classes, so I have GOT to get my shiz together.  Which sadly means, a little more time away from the ole bloggy blog.  For those of you that miss me way too much (NOT! I miss y'all way more, just saying), you can always email me and we can have a little chit chat between meetings and papers and work :)

I promise not to disappoint once I am all caught up with work and school.  John's parents are coming over this weekend to have a furniture refinish/stain party, so hopefully I will have some goodies to share!

I miss you big time!!  Don't forget about me while I'm gone!


  1. I have not forgotten about you! I do however, miss you. Expect an email shortly!

    I will miss your presence in Blog Land but...I have the feeling when school starts I may have to take a blog hiatus as well!

    I love you! And I miss your #dirrrtymagic my lovely #judgementtwin!

  2. Love you bunches & miss you more!

    Get caught up so you can come back and play!!!

    xo, ash

  3. I have not forgotten about you! Hang in there and come back when you can! Missssss you!! <3

  4. How's getting the shiz together coming along? ;)
    I hope you won't leave us alone for too long - please drop by whenever you have a little spare time!
    Miss you!