Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So far this year I have read two books, which considering how much crap I have had to do for school is pretty darn good. You can read about the first book I read here. The second book was a big disappointment. I read Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen. Hiaasen is normally one of my favorite authors. He is cynical and hilarious, I am normally laughing so much I am in tears. And until now, I have not read a book of his that I didn't like. So my next book will just have to make up for this last one. I am starting A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray tonight. Katie said I needed to meet an awesome boy in this book and I am very excited!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you are probably tired of me talking about tea. But I am in love. Hot tea with a little milk and a lot of honey is my new favorite thing. I have been searching Etsy for the perfect tea pot and serving set. I can't quite tell you what I want, but I will know when I see it. Of course, I will have to learn how to make scones and cute little tea sandwiches, but once I do, I will have tea parties all the time.

I think I could snuggle up with some yummy tea and a good book and be perfectly happy. Is there anything that you are happy about right now?


  1. I hate when books disappoint!

    I'm not a fan of milk in my tea BUT I do love a hot cup of tea, a book, and some snugglage. Good luck on your teapot and serving set search! Little teacups aren't big enough for me (I need industrial sized mugs to cover my tea-intake) but it would still be nice to have a set for some tea party goodness.

  2. I'm the same way, about not really knowing exactly what I want until I see it.

    I'm not a big fan of tea, but hot chocolate? Oh yes.. I'm in love with that stuff. :-)

  3. I love tea pots and am always looking for the perfect one, as I feel it is a necessity in my life. My favorite teas are the tazo teas and I buy most all of them.

    I've been trying to read more now that my Lost marathon is over, but it has to be a really good book or I get bored and start another one!

    Love your face!

    x, ash

  4. Well, that's two more books than I've read this year! For some reason, I am not into reading at this moment, which is kind of sad..

    Tea is the best, not a day goes by without a giant mug of tea :)

  5. You have some very fabulous tea coming your way via California soon! Holla!

    Also, #dirrrtymagic. Just because it has been FAR too long!

  6. i love etsy! it is craziness shopping on there. so much stuff to look little time. think how cute you will be making tea parties for your little girls someday. start collecting cause tea parties are always a hit no matter how old you are. xoxo

  7. Ohhh tea was my FAVORITE before I was baptized. Honestly. Drank that ish everysingledayofmylife.

  8. I'm happy about it being the weekend! Sundays are my Saturdays so it has just started! I am tea crazy too.