Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Moving On...

I'm over Thanksgiving.  Yes, I know, it isn't even here yet.  None the less, I'm over it.  I am, however, pumped about Christmas.  Yesterday, John and I put up the Christmas tree (John got the random picture on the wall while he was in Greece.... that is probably the only reason it is up there)

I know it's a little dark, but I wanted everyone to see the star :)

I was ready to start wrapping some gifts, but alas I had no tape.  So off to the store we went.  Because once I decide I'm ready to do something, it must get done with a quickness or I get ridiculously annoyed.  And somewhat irritable.  Maybe even pushy.  So, we went to the store for tape and I wrapped some gifts....

I had to crop the table out of the picture because it is crazy messy.

I only got three gifts wrapped, and then I couldn't find the boxes I bought yesterday.  So I decided that at least I got a good start.  I will hopefully finish my shopping the day after tomorrow (Black Friday... yessss!!!) and also make sure I have all required wrapping supplies before I start again.

YAY for gifts under the tree!

While at the store I found this little gem.  I LOVE it!!  Normally not a fan of decorative holiday pillows, but this one was to awesome to pass up!

How stinkin' cute is he???

I'm hoping this week it will be cold enough to bust out my amazing Williams-Sonoma mulling spices for some hot apple cider.  Then I can curl up on the couch, with my owl pillow, some yummy hot apple cider and a Bangin' Hot Book Boy and life will be complete.

Oh how I ♥ Christmas time!  Maybe next year I will have some Thanksgiving loving too....  


  1. I love that you have your tree up before Thanksgiving. You are a Christmas Crazy (and I mean that in a loving way!)

    I hate wrapping gifts. How about I mail you all my gifts and you wrap them for me? I will totally pay you $5 bucks! Deal?

    Your hootie owl is adorable!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving doll! xoxo

  2. That owl is just tooo cute! I might have to get me one too!