Saturday, November 28, 2009

Before and After

I am currently watching John's parent's Boston Terrier, Buster, while they are in town.  Buster and Millie are seriously bff.  They love being around each other and play together non stop.

Buster is Thing 1 and Millie is Thing 2.  Yes, I bought those and yes I am cheesy.

Anyway, can I show you my awesome owl pillow again?  Because I was so excited about my holiday owl...

So after many, many hours of Black Friday shopping, I come home to find this...

Please notice that the holiday owl is no longer on his chair, he is ripped to shreads on the floor.  I almost cried.

Apparently Millie and Buster thought he was pretty awesome too and decided to invite him out on a play date.  Sigh... I guess decorative holiday pillows really aren't for me.

Ps- I'll have a Black Friday post up soon :)


  1. That is so sad. They killed it. Poor little festive owl pillow. Bummer...that thing was SO adorable.

  2. A dead hootie owl. How sad! I think Thing 1 and Thing 2 should be kenneled when mom is away. That may not be fun for them though.

  3. Those costumes are adorable! Sorry about the owl :(