Thursday, February 25, 2010

a quick update...

I am officially back in the gym.  Yes, you've probably heard that a million times, but this time I mean it ha!

My biggest issue with the gym is the whole cardio thing.  It is so boring to me. Unfortunately, I am in some serious need of cardio in my life so I will just have to suck it up.  Feel free to motivate me or give me a hard time when I slack on working out. 

Wedding blog is up and running... Go here to help me pick out details of my big day!

That's all I have for now.  Happy Thursday!


  1. You should seriously try turbo jam if cardio bores you. & I will so help keep you accountable, yay for being at the gym!!

    x, ash

  2. I'm jealous of everyone who has the discipline to even own a gym membership..
    Go kick some butt out there!

  3. I love running.. but it does bore me after a while. Have you done aerobics? It kicks your butt so hard you can't even think of being bored.

  4. I get bored too. I really need to get back into it too. You can do it!!!!!