Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 2 and I'm not as angry :)

I realize yesterday was a bit much, but seriously, I feel better just for getting it out there.  I also feel a little silly for some of the crazy that I had going on.  I'm hoping I can get it out and move on.

First things first, I know I sounded horrible about the whole vacation thing and after thinking about it, what a silly problem for me to have when other people have legitimate issues in their lives.  I am so happy to be able to experience somewhere new and spend time with my husband.  Like I said, it was good for me to get those things out there.

I walked/ran a little over a mile yesterday, but it was so hot out I had to stop.  I also don't think I ate enough calories yesterday because I had a major headache.  So today, I'm beefing up my breakfast a bit to get some more protein and make sure I get enough calories for my body to function properly.  My coworker also brought in watermelon that I'm having with breakfast too.  Thank goodness it was watermelon and not donuts, because I would have eaten whatever it was.  Another health goal for today is to drink more water.  I'm going to bring in my refillable water bottle and leave it at work so I always have it handy.

I'm still bitter, but I really am trying.  It might not be enough right now, but it will eventually be enough.

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