Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thin Girl Thursday {10}

Why does it always seem that when we get ready to get on track with our health something always seems to happen?  I've been sick this week and completely drained of basically all of my energy.  When I'm not feeling well, I make up an excuse to not work out or not to cook because I just don't feel like it.  Luckily, my sweet husband has stepped up and cooked dinner the past two nights, but I have slacked on working out.  I did go to my tennis lesson on Monday, so that was something, but not near enough.  I really need to get over making excuses!!

Anyway, I have recently fallen in love with the cookbook, "Cook This, Not That" by David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding. My mom gave it to me for one of our wedding showers and let me tell you, it's awesome!  Everything I have tried in it so far is super yummy and really easy to make.  It gives you options that are cheaper and better for you than similar dishes in restaurants.  It's worth a try, I definitely recommend it!


  1. Ugh. Same thing happened to me...last week was great and this week not so much. That cook book is on my list! Feel better next week! We can do this!!

  2. THis always happens. SO lame. I hate it!!

    I must check out that cook book!!

    Feel better soon, love!

  3. every time i decide that i'm going to start working out, i get sick. or have a headache. and make an excuse. and i'm never prepared to cook myself something healthy when my parents are making something less than healthy.

    blah. i feel like being a healthy person is way harder than it should be.

    get better soon!