Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little bit of Munich

Remember when I started telling you about my epic trip to Europe? Well, here is another installment.

After Amsterdam we hopped on over to Munich. Have you ever been there? Because it rocks. Germany was my favorite stop during this trip. It was clean and beautiful and lots of yummy food, what more can you ask for?

Our first picture in Germany.  Also some of the final moments in which I still had our camera...

Our trip was basically centered around Oktoberfest (yes, I know that makes us sound like we just went for the booze, which is only a partial truth).  Let me tell you, Oktoberfest beat any other festival that I have ever been to before.  It was amazing.  The food, the beer, the people, the crazy rides were over the top and amazing!! 

Cheers. Or prost as they say in Munich.

Let me just say that the food in Germany was the best!  I loved all of it!  Even the funky looking sausages.

I can't even begin to tell you how glorious these pretzels were and with a little bit of cheese spread it was a taste of heaven, I assure you!

This was the best cheese tray I  have ever had.  Ever.  I could live off of these things for the rest of my life, seriously.

Underneath the meat there were tasty little radishes.  We are convinced that eating lots and lots of radishes is what allows the Germans to consume such large quantities of their tasty beer and still be able to function.

This my friends is spatzle aka German mac and cheese.  I couldn't get enough of this stuff!!  John had to try to convince me to order something else when we were eating because I would have eaten this for breakfast, lunch and dinner the whole time we were in Germany, no lie.

These little gems are potato dumplings.  They were absolutely delish!  I was worried John was going to try to take the gravy with us he loved it so much.

I decided whilst walking back to the hotel for one of our midday naps that I was in dire need of an authentic dirndl.  A dirndl, for those of you that might not know, is a type of traditional dress worn in parts of Germany.  Many refer to them as "beer girl" outfits, but they are way better than that.  John didn't have the patience to get an entire outfit, so he settled for a shirt.

Yes, my husband has his pants rolled up.  He didn't get liederhosen and was convinced that this would make him "more authentic."

I love how bored our waitress looks here.  She spoke no English (at least that's what she led us to believe) and our group knew very little German, so the conversation revolved mainly around holding up numbers with our hands and saying bier, bitte.

I can proudly say that wearing a dirndl and consuming a hefty amount of radishes allowed me to partake in several more liters than I had been able to in nights before.  Which then led to hiccups and I think you know how the rest of my evening went.

The rides were crazy.  I feel like it's pretty safe to say that they probably wouldn't be allowed at a fair or festival in the states, just my observation.
The Hollenblitz was my favorite ride.  It was an Indiana Jones Temple of Doom theme and for some reason, I loved it!
Of course John's favorite "ride" was the carousel/bar. 

Basically, we had an absolutely amazing time.  I can definitely say that I will be back one day! 
Hope you enjoyed, even if it is a few months late! I have a little more of Germany to share, but I'll save that for another post :)


  1. Dude. You two are adorable. I love hubby man's authenticity!!

    love you!!

  2. I totally love Germany too! I also requested a spaetzle press as a wedding gift from Jan's Oma - it's actually a traditional dish from the Stuttgart area, where all the best German things come from...
    black forest cake
    my husband...

  3. All that food looks delicious! & that pic of you & John dressed up? Flippin' adorable!