Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thin Girl Thursday {7}

Sorry if these posts are getting old.  It's all I've had time to post about lately other than a random post here and there.  My school term ends tomorrow, so hopefully it means more time for blogging!

Someone told me yesterday that I would go back to stuffing my face with cookies as soon as I was done with my diet.  I quickly informed her that this isn't just a diet, this is a lifestyle change for me.  She also told me not to deprive myself of things because it will cause me to binge eat later down the road.  Um, that might be how it is for you, but not for me.  If I feel like I want something sweet I go for my strawberries sprinkled with stevia instead of those double stuffed oreos.  If I'm feeling like a salty snack I grab my melba toast and put some hummus on it.  Is that saying I will never eat those sweets and snacks I did before?  No way.  It's my way of teaching myself to turn to healthier choices rather than immediately go for the cheetos.  And once I reach my goal, if I want cookies or ice cream, I will have it.  Hopefully I will just not do it as often or make better choices when the situation rises. 

People baffle me.  Everyone on the blog has been nothing but supportive of me, then I run into something like this and it just irritates me.  So I went to yoga to chill out and all is well with Lauren once again.

What lifestyle changes are you making in your quest to a healthier you?


  1. how awesome!! good for you and for your lifestyle change! i get that goal! :)

  2. i ment to say *you get that goal*. ha sorry. thats what happens when you type to fast

  3. Totally NOT sick of these posts and yay for school being almost over!!

    I bet I know who made that comment.

    You are doing awesome, I am proud of you. Tell whichever biatch who said that to pipe down and eat her cheetos.

  4. Girl, you can do itttttt!!!

  5. I love these posts! Girl, you keep rocking this. Show those rude people that you are in it to win it and their negativity will not bring you down! <3

  6. So not tired of these post!! You are my inspiration!! I agree with Alex...only I say tell her where to stuff those doubled stuffed oreos!