Monday, July 5, 2010


I have recently decided to learn some French....  
John and I are taking an amazing vacation this fall and I want to be ready.  We're flying into Amsterdam then heading to Munich for Oktoberfest and ending our trip in Paris.  I decided to focus on learning French because John and I will be by ourselves in Paris and I figure we need all the help we can get!  We're going with a big group of friends and I'm really excited.

So I bought some software that I've been playing with and hopefully I will know enough to stumble around and find some friendly English-speaking locals.  Anyone been to Paris?  I would love some suggestions of must sees and things that you could do without :)

Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend!


  1. I have never been. I am super jealous of your trip. Take lots of pictures so I can live through you, mmkay?


  2. I have several books I can send to you once my trip is over that will be helpful. Paris is tricky as they really don't speak much english, even if they know how to. It is best to attempt in French and then move to english if they aren't understanding. They appreciate the gesture of you at least trying to speak in their native tongue. Like I said, I'll send some books!

    x, ash

  3. what a vacation, i'm jealous!!!

  4. Tres Bien!

    I've never been over there but hopefully some day! Look luck at learning Francias! Or should I say, Bon chance! (I took 2 years in HS but not much stuck.)