Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night. I'm not going to get into it.  But I will say, I flipping loved it!  I did wear this shirt with pride. I am aware I am ridiculous.

I was slightly mortified however, when I saw the news camera pointing at me, and I blame the shirt.  This experience was much different than New Moon.  It's summer, so the tweens were out in full force.  A group of little ones (I swear they didn't look older than 10) starting chanting Team Jacob, while me and the other 25+ stood and shook our heads.  Btw, thanks Ash for pointing out my oldness in this situation.

One thing I did notice is my progressive love for Rob.  Not gonna lie, I really wasn't a fan of him after Twilight.  That was when I couldn't help but think that no one was good enough to be Edward though.  Then I saw New Moon, and I was like "Oh heeeey Rob, you are really growing on me."  And THEN I went and saw Remember Me and was dead.  That was the turning point of me becoming Robsessed, yes I just said that.  So I still had some feelings lingering from Remember Me while watching Eclipse last night and I swooned, a lot.  Maybe still a little, who am I kidding I'm totally still swooning.  Can't. Get. Enough.

Anyway, I loved it. I wasn't disappointed at all.  Well maybe a little disappointed in that lame little novella Stephenie Meyer just put out.  I tried reading it 3 different times and it was so boring I couldn't make myself do it.  There was a big stink over nothing.  If you haven't seen Eclipse do it!  You won't be disappointed!


  1. Uuuuuggggghhh I'm still waiting to see this and I'm dying. I'm going tonight and I can't wait. Rob was the hottness in Remember Me. I'm sure I will swoon plenty tonight.

    & I have yet to try and read that novella. Meh, not important to me I guess.

  2. I heard that novella was AWFUL! Think I'm going to wait for DVD for Eclipse... I really do hate the crazy tweens :(

  3. I LOVED him in Remember Me! I'm not going to see Eclipse until Saturday!

  4. Ok, so Remember Me Rob -- hotspice. Rob as Edward -- not my favy-fav. It makes me abnormal I know. Love me through it.

    & I'm always glad to point out how old you are. :)


  5. i am dying to see it, so so excited!!

  6. Dude. I still haven't seen Remember Me. Don't worry, I have pulled my life together and it should arrive via Netflix by Friday.

    I cannot wait to see Eclipse..but I have to wait for all those crazies in Team Edward/Jacob shirts to calm down. Bahaha.

    Love you!!

  7. Busy Bee Lauren and I went to see it Tuesday night and loved it too! Yay for Team Edward! :)