Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thin Girl Thursday {2}

Happy Thin Girl Thursday all!  Today I want to talk about a nifty little tool I have recently started using.  On my Droid, that I absolutely love, there is an application called Calorie Count.  It allows you to track all of the calories and other nutritional facts that you consume during the day.  I love me some food, so I think this tool will keep me in check of how much of my favorite foods I can consume and stay within my target calorie range.  If you don't have the capability on your phone, no worries!  There are online calorie trackers too.  Try Calorie Count or SparkPeople .  These websites are also great resources for workouts, healthy recipes, and a little bit of motivation when you need it.

My goal for the coming up week is to track my calories every day and to stay around 1500 calories.  We can do this!

Ps- Sorry it's been a whole week for a post!  I'm counting down the days until October when I'm FINALLY done with school, if I make it that is :)


  1. Yay for thin girl thursday! I just started using Lose It on my iPod and I really like it as well. I will join you in the quest to track our calories over the next 7 days!!

    I might have to start this as a thursday theme for me as well...get everyone in on the party!

    You will do this :)


  2. I have the Calorie Count app on my phone too! I love it!

  3. I love useful stuff like that! You will totally rock this.

  4. You've totally got this girl. I think I need a I can count my calories too obvi. Plus, I just want one.

    I hate your school and I miss your face, but I love you!!