Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lazy Saturdays

I've lost two followers this week, which is a lot when you only have 35.  Sorry for being so lame. I do appreciate everyone that reads my blog and leaves me comments, y'all are great!

I am being lazy today.  Really, really lazy.  I need to snap out of it, but all I feel like doing is bumming around.  And catching up on some dvr, you know important things.  I thought about helping John in the yard, but it's like 87 degrees outside and that just doesn't sound appealing to me.  I wouldn't mind being outside if we had a pool, or if we were going to the beach.  But no pool or beach today, so no hanging outside for Lauren.

Well, I have to get back to my lovely, lazy Saturday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Ps- Alex is joining the big girl world today and graduating from college!  Yay Alex, can't wait to celebrate being an adult with you haha!


  1. I'm still following! Lame for people who stop. Life gets busy and sometimes you just don't get around to blogging. <3 and hugs!

  2. Aw! I love you girl.

    I am now in Big Girl World. Um. What the heck do I do now?! Crazy.

    Oh we shall celebrate, and it will be legit.

  3. I wasn't following your blog? Weird! Thanks for always commenting on my blog, they make me happy! :D

  4. Catching up on the DVR was pretty much my numero uno priority now that school is out for the summer so I totally understand. & this girl does not go outside when it is too hot. I don't know how people lived without AC. Just sayin'.

    & YAY for Alex!!