Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas goodies

To get ready for the holidays and have some yummy treats to grace friends and family with, I spent today baking.  Of course I had to wear my fun and lovely apron.  If you look in the background you can see my cute little hootie owl towel that matched my hootie owl pillow that was destroyed...

First up was the cuppy cakes!  Mini ones to be exact.  I have found that people are more likely to eat the mini cupcakes than they are to eat the regular sized ones.  Leaving me with fewer left overs and less junk in my trunk due to cupcake overload.

I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing topped with heath bar pieces or Andes mint pieces.  They are going to be tasty!

Next I made some oreo balls.  These are like manna from Heaven, no lie... and ridiculously easy to make!  A little on the messy side, but sooo worth it!

They are absolutely hideous, but oh so yummy.  Sadly enough, the ones I'm posting are the pretty ones.... whoops.  Maybe next time they will be prettier.

Then it was time for the holiday mice.  Yes, I know they look creepy with their red eyes.  But I still love them.  I think they are absolutely adorable and always a huge crowd pleaser.  And who doesn't love chocolate covered cherries, srsly.

I didn't have time for cookies, so hopefully I can make those for the Christmas Eve party.  I had a blast today, making some goodies and jamming out to Christmas tunes.  Now I'm off to a party, and I'm taking some yummies with me.  Let's hope they are a big hit!

Have a great evening!


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog. But I'm Amharper on twitter!

    Your Christmas treats look so yummy. I love your apron also.

  2. I LOVE your apron! Where did you get it?

    Scrumptious treats! Oreo balls are a gift from God. Mmm!

  3. I LOVE that apron!! And I make the oreo balls too...sooo good! The mice are adorable too!

  4. Love the apron.

    Oreo balls srsly rule my life. I don't make them because i already shove too much food in my face.

    those mouse look outta control, but I hear chocolate covered cherries something fierce!

    i'm sure everyone loves your treats!

    x, ash

  5. Ashley- Welcome to my blog, I hope you like it!

    Vanessa and Carly- I got my apron at Kirklands, one of your favorite places Carly :) And yes, oreo balls are amazing!

    Ashton- please tell me you left this comment after you went out last night...

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

  6. I'm sure the treats were a hit! Everyone loves Christmas goodies :)

  7. oreo balls make my life. delicious.

    you're adorable in your apron!

  8. You are a babe in your fab apron.

    I am STILL sad about your poor little hootie owl pillow. Sad.

    I want to eat ALL of that. Especially the oreo balls which I have never even HEARD of.

    Also, just for fun. #dirrrtymagic. love you!

  9. Hi! I am a new stalker...I mean follower!! You are adorable in that apron!! I am sure your treats will be a hit!! Will you teach us how to make those tasty looking Oreo Balls??? Pretty please!

  10. Yum.

    We made store bought dough cookies this year.

    That's the way we roll in the Murphy house.

  11. So cute! I love oreo balls. They are delicious!

  12. Your appron is too cute!
    And everything looks sooo good! Please do a tutorial on those orea balls, pretty please?

  13. love the apron!! ...and those goodies are super cute!!

  14. So you talked me into it! I'll be doing a how to post for the oreo balls in the next few days!

  15. Sista friend. Love the new name...and the background! Get your button going so I can decorate my blog with it!

  16. You are making a button???!!!!! I want to put it on my blog too.
    I started reading your blogs as a catch up... so I commented on both the owl towel and the apron in the next post... they are both adorable as are you and your long eye lashes!