Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Novellas and short stories

So, this isn't really a review, just some thoughts on the novella I just finished.  Today I finished "If You're Not Yet Like Me" by Edan Lepucki. 

It was my second Goodreads giveaway win, holla!  I can honestly say, I would have never picked this book up to read had I not won it.  The sad reasoning behind that statement is the fact that I generally do not like novellas or short stories (extremely close-minded, I know).  I typically feel like they are extremely hard to "get right."  I guess I feel a little gypped when I read them, like I didn't get enough of the story or it leaves a lot unanswered.  I will, however, pick up a novella that is a supplement to a series or book that I really loved.  So I was a little skeptical at first, but once I finished I can honestly say those are no longer my feelings.  Lepucki did an awesome job of telling the characters' stories and I was able to feel a connection with her character Joellyn.  It was funny, sarcastic and sad all at the same time and I thought it was great.

My eyes are now open and not quite so quick to judge novellas and short stories.  I'll be looking for future publications from this author!

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  1. You are reading so much! It makes me jealous. I have to be in a good 'place' to be able to start reading anything. & with school and work I just haven't been able to enjoy reading like I do. Good thing you are reading enough for both of us :)