Monday, January 3, 2011

Books in 2011

Last year I did a lot of reading.  Reading for fun, work and school.  The only part anyone wants to know about is the reading for fun part though, I'm sure.  I read 25 books last year which is almost a book every two weeks and I must say I'm pretty proud of that.  I've always enjoyed reading, but I'm finally starting to make time for myself to read.

So for 2011, I'd like to aim to read at least 25 books.  We'll see how that goes.  I have several Jen Lancaster books that I want to read and some classics that I grazed through in high school that need to be revisited, so I have a pretty good list going of books to read.  Of course I'll be reading the next in the Mortal Instruments series and the Infernal Devices (which I enjoyed more than MI) and the next Sookie Stackhouse novel as well.

So here's to a happy, book-filled 2011.  First book to be finished this year, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

ps- I have a Nook and would love to Lend Books with my other Nook friends.  Email me and I'll let you know what eBooks I have available to lend :)


  1. 25 books! what an awesome goal. and you have a nook, i'm jealous :)

  2. I want this goal too.. I'm sure it might be easier if I ever got around to getting new books though.

    By the way.. I never got to say congrats on the marriage. This is super late but, CONGRATS!! I saw some pictures and you looked beautiful. :)

  3. Have you read "Matched"? Oh my goodness, I finished it yesterday and it was so amazing! I can't stop thinking about it!

  4. BHBB needs a new post! I'm hoping to get some material soon... hoping!